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Using AWS Greengrass Machine Learning Inference, you can easily perform machine learning inference locally on connected devices using models that are built and trained in the cloud. Watch Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, announce AWS Io T 1-Click.

AWS Io T 1-Click is a service that makes it easy for simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions that execute specific actions like calling technical support or reordering good and services.

Session sponsored by Fortinet At re: Invent 2017, AWS announced the preview of Amazon Aurora Serverless, where Aurora will automatically adjust database capacity to match your application needs. q= V0A9Tn IE0FJ32q Czs Z058MTUx Mj Qy Nj Ay N0Ax NTEy Mz M5Nj I3&v=Q0cq Kl6kt Ig&event=video_description This new serverless architecture will save you time and money by automatically adjusting database capacity to match your application needs.

The preview is for the My SQL-compatible edition of Amazon Aurora.

Puppet can help you migrate your applications to the cloud securely and efficiently so you can focus on the things that really matter to your business. With the growth of Io T and cloud, the attack surface that enterprises must protect is expanding dramatically.

Unique regulatory requirements by industry verticals are also placing extra pressure on security officers and their teams. First and foremost, by taking an architectural approach, one that includes network segmentation.

Join us to learn: why customers need a data protection strategy for AWS and the distinct advantages of Dell EMC’s optimized data protection architecture.

Session sponsored by NVIDIALearn how Dell EMC is helping innovative enterprise companies safeguard their most valuable workloads, no matter where they live.This creates an integrated and holistic security posture.In this session, understand how technology evolution and innovation is exponentially expanding the attack surface, explore an architectural approach to network security that includes visibility and automation, and discuss strategies for quickly and effectively auditing, recommending, and repairing network security with limited resources.Learn more about Amazon Neptune at - WCAmazon Neptune is a fast, reliable, fully-managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets.The core of Amazon Neptune is a purpose-built, high-performance graph database engine optimized for storing billions of relationships and querying the graph with milliseconds latency.

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