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This will create a window with a list of transferred/copied files.

The user can always stop the file transfer by clicking the appropriate symbol on the window's control panel.

And if they think she went missing they will call on every force of god and police to find her. Sierra nodded and giggled a little when Carmilla said she didn't pay attention to her parents. This went against everything that he parents taught her. Standing back up, Sierra leaned in and kissed her best friend again.

Camilla came out of the bathroom and Sierra pocketed her phone. The brunette didn't really pay attention to hers either. To be with a woman was a sin, but why was Sierra enjoying it so much. Sierra wrapped her arms around her best friends waist, returning the passionate kiss.

Her hands ran over her best friends butt, tugging on her pants a little. She held her best friend close, thinking about the dirty things they had just done.

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