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** Now it will not show me the address, but still says validating identity. **What comes up when i type in 'ipconfig' (maybe its useful) Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. Gonzaga University uses WPA2 and the mini10 only has WPA. Is there any solution available short or replacing the NIC or network card with an updated one? After installing the latest updates I tried connecting again, no luck..

Assurance has very limited, and unpublished, phones that are compatible (or at least that they are willing to activate).

I think it's unlikely your Moto G5 Plus will be allowed to be activated. It is not comparable (speed, screen size, etc) to the Kyocera, but it is minimally adequate.

Unfortunately, however, the only way to really know is to call and ask. But if I can't get this phone switched, I am LEAVING ASSURANCE WIRELESS FOR GOOD! Like someone else stated, just because we can't afford to pay tons for phone services, does not mean we should be dealt with dinosaur cell phones that totally suck so bad that it's more of a pain in the behind to try and use them, than it would be to end up paying for a better phone and forking out the money we can't afford for decent services... Hey, it makes/accepts calls, texts, and has some data, although I have little need for that.

I can now connect to the Network but with no internet capabilities.

Comp says: signal: very good SSID: Gonzaga University, speed:54.0-MBps, status:validating identity, address:169.2 ..

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