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He is the coordinator of the rescue program “Oasis of Jericho” (JOAP-Jericho Oasis Archaeological Park) carried on by Sapienza with the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and the Unesco funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which enlisted 103 archaeological sites in the Oasis of Jericho (published in the volume ROSAPAT 7).He started the catalogue of all archaeological and cultural sites in the West Bank (PADIS=Palestine Archaeological Databank and Information System: including the highly threatened areas of Bethlehem and Salfeet.

The re-appraisal of Motya even after Dionysious’s siege and violent destruction of 397/6 BC started with Vincenzo Tusa’s work at the ' Cappiddazzu' Temple and it was resumed in the last decade by Sapienza University of Rome in the Sacred Area of the Kothon, where Sanctuary C3 was uncovered, and in Areas B and D, where remains of later occupation where also brought to light.

His studies address pre-classical societies in the Levant and the Mediterranean ranging from architecture to metallurgy, from pottery to art, with a major focus on contextual archaeology, safeguard, as well as on historical and cultural synchronization (including a new absolute dating methods) and conceptualization of the Levantine and Mediterranean civilizations.

He is among the highest ranked scholars in the field of Levantine and Mediterranean Archaeology.

in this volume), provides new data on the Bronze and Iron Age town which controlled the main route connecting Jerusalem to Hebron, and the access to the wadiat crossing the southern Judean desert and leading to the coastal plain.

Intermediate Bronze Age/Early Bronze IV, Middle Bronze shaft tombs, and at least two major Iron II burial caves (Tomb A7 and the Barmil's Tomb) excavated by the Palestinian MOTA-DACH in an Iron Age cemetery allow to draw up a renewed picture of Bethlehem and its environs and give the opportunity to re-appraise its long history.

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