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He dragged me into the house and ordered our boys to go upstairs and he proceeded to punch me, kick me, he jumped with his full weight on my ribs. and made me sit at the table and he went into his office, which was one room over, and got his gun.And he told me that if anyone had heard me yelling for help and had called the police, that he was going to shoot the officers that answered the door and then kill me.Those charges include witness intimidation and extortion.The decision means Kevin Beverly will not be released from prison any time soon.More information about the campaign can be found here. But if you've never heard of reproductive coercion before, you're not alone.It's a dimension of domestic and intimate partner violence that's only recently been recognized by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.During his time in prison, Nicole learned of multiple reports of inmates coming forward to say that Kevin was attempting to hire them to murder her and her children.Other inmates came forward to report similar threats.

A Go Fund Me campaign has been launched to assist Nicole Beverly her with her upcoming relocation.Because on the surface, we had a beautiful home, we had nice cars, we had beautiful children ...everything looked wonderful, so people were shocked when they found out what was really happening.He's now serving time for an aggravated stalking conviction.But he is scheduled to be released from the Newberry Correctional Facility Aug. Since her ex-husband went to prison, Nicole has heard that he is threatening to kill her and their two teenage sons.

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