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The following will assist patients and health professionals to navigate the vast field of subtle energies and energy healing modalities for use in their personal and professional endeavors.This resource serves as a selective literature review.View PDF of details Next »Spiritual and psychic healing can be defined as purposeful intervention by one or more people to help another living being/organism/system improve their condition in a direct way (Jonas & Crawford, 2003).Spiritual healing can also be understood as the personal experience of transcending suffering (Egnew, 2005; Yawar, 2001).Shamanic healing is a group of techniques utilised by practitioners who access the help of spirits to heal members of their group (Krippner, 2000) and is less ‘direct’ than spiritual or psychic healing, despite homogenous aims or outcomes.View PDF of details Next » century, is almost always self-administered and involves applying pressure to various points on one’s body while directing one’s thoughts to past physical, emotional, or ancestral traumas that require healing (Elder et al., 2012; Honda et al., 2012).

RH practitioners claim that the technique physically heals the patient in addition to balancing emotional and mental states (Pearl, 2002). Although methods overlap with massage, reflexology focuses on stimulating precise nerve endings that correlate with internal organs, glands and muscles (Lakasing, 2010; Kannathal, et. This ancient Tibetan practice (Vander Vaart, Gijsen, de Wildt, & Koren, 2009; Vitale, 2007), reintroduced by Mikao Usui in the 20th century and first expanded to the Western World by Hawayo Takata by the 1970s (Glesner, 2002), is currently classified by The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine as an energy medicine, and explicitly as a biofield therapy (Lee, Pittler, & Ernst, 2008).View PDF of details Next »Reflexology consists of applying pressure to different areas of the feet, hands and ears to relieve pain and stress in the body (Kannathal, et. View PDF of details Next »Since its development as a therapy in Australia over 40,000 years ago, sound healing has been used in nearly every culture to aid in the treatment of both mental and physical illnesses and injuries, as well as to assist individuals in the dying process (Gaynor, 1999; Halstead & Roscoe, 2002).Though originally performed using only the yidaki, or didgeridoo, sound healing now involves a wide array of instruments (e.g., tuning forks, crystal bowls, drums, ultrasonic devices) as well as human and animal vocalizations.View PDF of details Next »Quantum Touch (QT) is a method of hands-on healing, initially developed in the late 1970s, purported to stimulate the body’s capacity to heal itself.Practitioners claim that through the use of light touching, breathing techniques, and body awareness meditations they are able to influence the “life-force” (sometimes called qi) of the body, which facilitates self-healing in patients (Walton, 2011). Pearl, he had an ability to connect with energy and work with it to heal people (Pearl, 2002).

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