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Other girls soon get tired of long regular working hours or the bossy behaviour of a bar owner and decide to ply their trade as freelancers.These ladies will then be roaming Pattaya Beach Road after dark, always in search of a potential customer, or hang about in bars and nightclubs, mostly in the Walking Street area, that are notorious for their large clientele of freelancers (and an equally large clientele of men looking to hook up with one) and even attract them with discounted drinks.Then again, have these efforts been really successful?Or have the chief strategists of the tourism ministry and the TAT been rather naive and presumptuous with their ambitious new advertising strategies for a “clean” Pattaya?The people of Isaan are mostly farmers, hence, the average Pattaya bar girl is obviously not a sophisticated college girl but a rice farmer’s daughter from remote village areas, who has enjoyed only little formal education.

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So given their relatively poor educational background, the lack of lucrative employment opportunities in their home region, and the social pressure to support other family members, you may now also have a guess what all these beautiful young women have come to Pattaya for and “sell pussy”?! While this may be a beneficial side-effect for some, the correct answer is: to make cold hard cash. To put it straight, these young ladies haven’t come to Pattaya for a clubbing holiday or to necessarily meet YOU, but to make a living of their most valuable resource – their body. Love takes time and – in the Thai bar girl context – usually requires a bit of an investment. So if bars aren’t really your thing, and you’re after more than just pay-for-play adventures, dating sites like Thai Friendly are definitely worth a shot.But let’s face it, Pattaya’s nightlife and “bar girl industry” are still thriving – and remain the top draw for a large percentage of visitors to Funtown.Here’s a thought experiment: Simply imagine a completely redesigned “clean” Pattaya without its hundreds of bars and Go Go clubs and their 20,000 or so bar ladies, lightly-dressed coyote dancers and ladyboys – how many tourists do you think would still opt for Pattaya as a holiday destination?The Thai family is the traditional cornerstone of Thai society, especially in rural areas, and if you’re in a relationship with a Thai woman you will sooner or later learn that her family, in particular her parents, will always have priority.This strong attachment to their parents, siblings etc.

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