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There are three top elements to make it possible to win cost plus awards with the right accounting system - forming a solid backbone of practices you will call on to support your bids.When you combine these factors with a well-designed Staying focused at work can be difficult if you have a constant stream of phone calls, emails, clients and employees demanding your attention.Indonesian Made Ibanez These guitars start with the following I=Cort Indonesia factory K=KWO factory J=Sejung factory The example serial number is K031034335 K=KWO 03=2003 10=Oct.

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So there it is peeps, this brings you up to date,if there is other stuff I have left out which I'm sure I might have like the Artstar Jazz Boxes with the H starting serial number...

Lt Commander Roadster please fill in the missing blanks here If you have anything else please put it here so we can keep a uniform thread to be used by all as good reference guide.

1984 to 1996 example serial number F232104 F=Fujigen 2=1992 as an example 3=March production So 1=Jan 12=Dec 2104 guitar built for that month 2104th made 1975 to 1983 Example serial number C800358 C=March So A=Jan M=Dec 80 = 1980 year of build 0358= 358th guitar built for that month.

Sung Eum Factory Example serial number E9052345 E=Sung Eum 9=1999 05= May So 01=Jan 12=Dec 2345= 2345th guitar built for that month Korean Built Ibanez Cort Factory Acoustics and Electrics start with C eg C03071234 C=Factory 03=2003 07=July 1234=1234th guitar built for that month Saehan Factory: acoustics start with SQ, electrics start with S Sae-In Factory starts with A These other factories follow the same serial number pattern as the Cort Korean factory.

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