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is the winner here, getting four sequels, and you're most likely to find it out of the three (in any incarnation) in a given arcade (or in bigger arcades, you'll find that the Time Crisis machines outnumber Virtua Cop machines two to one).

proved to be a massive hit in arcades and has become one of Sega's biggest franchises with three arcade sequels, all ported to at least one home system, eight spinoff games, and two (awful! was the first successful 3D MMO, but its unforgiving game mechanics were beginning to show their age.

, the first of which was poorly received and the second so obscure it sold less than 200 copies worldwide.

Both games have later suffered Hype Backlash and gotten a "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny status, although games, left Sierra, they decided to continue the series without him, hiring former LAPD chief Daryl Gates as a consultant for the fourth game.

Right now the two stand as equals in money and player size, and in the MMO market (especially comparing to Wo W) that's perhaps the biggest victory any MMO can claim.

Not actually a case of initiator and imitator, these games were the hope of 2012 ushering in a new generation of MMORPGs with a much greater emphasis on story and defying established conventions of the genre.

Its gameplay mechanics were more sophisticated with blocking, RPG Elements, a more varied enemy roster and bosses.

However, Made by esteemed developers (Capcom and Treasure, respectively), these games are significantly more complex than what is typical of the genre.

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It says a lot that the game not only had 12M players during its last beta (more than World Of Warcraft at its absolute peak), but also single-handedly took Square from being financially in the red to a successful company again.This free screensaver is about an animated slideshow of the best images you will ever find of Sasuke Uchiha ... This screen saver is about an image slideshow of Naruto Uzumaki, who is the main character of the manga and anime series Naruto Shippuden. Each game features several playable characters with distinct strenghts and weaknesses that gain levels and abilities as the game progresses.There is also usable equipment, several different special attacks and magic spells, and other features such as branching paths and Multiple Endings.

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