Dating services divorced parents

We’ve done a great job of keeping the money issues separate from our parenting issues. We’d both like things to be different than they are.

But we’ve learned to put the kids first and negotiate about their lives and their needs with a holistic perspective.

And if you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with one of these kid-attached folks the blessing you can bring to the equation is to stand slightly outside of the odd divorced-family dynamic and maintain a supportive closeness with your partner.

The first one, which I rarely reference, I consider a mistake.

We can fight about other stuff, but when it comes to them, we’re a team. Make sure you treat each parent, married or unmarried, with the same respect and courtesy. If you’re dating a divorced parent you don’t have to understand all the weirdness of their relationship with the ex-partner and children.

You don’t even have to love their kids or understand why things between them, the kids, and their former partner may occasionally feel like a an inside joke that you’re not a part of.

If they have bad chemistry right from the start, it makes everything harder when it comes to creating a successful stepfamily.

If you introduce a new person too early, you run the risk of your kids having to meet multiple dates -- which could feel weird for your kids. Although some of you may not feel that you've chosen your situation, you must admit that you chose and created it more than your children did.

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