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You may also call the Embassy or the Consulates for more information. When you arrive in the US, you will be issued an I-94 card by US Customs & Border Protection authorities.We encourage you to join our email list on our website, or call the FSM Embassy in Washington, DC to register your name and address. In the past FSM citizens were able to travel with birth certificates-the laws have changed. It will be stamped “ CFA/FSM” for Compact of Free Association and “ D/S” Duration of Stay.Upon return or re-entry to the US, a new I-94 will be issued. Social Security Card My SS card has been issued with a legend that says “valid for work only with DHS authorization” or a similar legend. Under the amended Compact, FSM citizens continue to be eligible to apply for US social security numbers.Most other foreign nationals who visit the US are given I-94’s with an expiring date. The Compact of Free Association allows for FSM citizens to enter the US freely to work, study and/or reside without any specific date of expected departure. The only change is that FSM citizens may only apply for an SS number while they are resident in the US.

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You do not need a visa and you are permitted to stay for the duration of your stay. It does not expire and is valid until you depart the US.

If your Social Security card was issued with a prohibitive legend, then it has been issued incorrectly.

You may visit the nearest US Social Security office to have your card reissued.

You must file an application with Social Security and they will determine your eligibility. Each state has different requirements for applicants of welfare assistance. Yes, FSM citizens are eligible to receive the PELL Grant. Please refer to the following US Department of Education website for more information. You may obtain a special travel document from the Embassy or Consulates for return travel to Micronesia. How do I get a travel document to go back to the FSM with my US-born child?

You must check with the State to reside in to determine your eligibility. Children without passports and carrying the Embassy’s travel document, may only travel directly to the FSM. Please fax a copy of birth certificate and copy of FSM passport of parent travelling with the child to the FSM Embassy in Washington at (202) 223-4391.

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