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We both took 'advanced placement' curriculum, so we found ourselves in the same classes every year. Her cloths were as plain as everything else about her.

At the beginning of our senior year, she sat next to me in physics class.

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I traveled to every mall and bookstore within a hundred miles, searching for any and all publications on how to be a master lover.

Many a store clerk gave me the stink eye as I stood for hours in the Couples/Marriage section reading The Guide to Cunninglingus, The Joy of Sex, The Art of Pleasing a Woman, and on and on.

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For her part, she couldn't really suck my dick too long as it hurt her jaw. " We locked lips and moaned in unison as our orgasms hit simultaneously with the force of a head-on train collision.

We were both 18-year-old virgins when we started dating. It was a small school and no one wanted to be known as 'the one girl who would have sex'. I had a long, thick cock proportionate to the rest of my big, chiseled body.

So I didn't expect Amanda and I would be making love. As cool as I thought I was, she was 10 times cooler. When Amanda and I were alone and naked, we would lay my erection on her belly.

I would always stagger out of the stores trying (usually unsuccessfully) to hide my hardon.

I loved licking Amanda's sweet pussy and she loved having me lick it. And this: "A mist of pussy juice sprayed between our bodies every time our pubis slapped together." To which I'll only say: the fuck?

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