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You apply the No Contact Rule (NC) when you are in a relationship that just won’t die a death even though it’s dead as a dodo, when a guy likes to boomerang in and out of your life whenever it suits, and especially when you keep flogging a dead horse and chasing him around even though he’s mistreating you.

The No Contact Rule is about closure and closing a door even when you don’t get to have a ‘conversation’ or a big break up moment, and this is what most women struggle with.

You LOVE to have the conversation and you NEED to have the break up moment because you think it’s what you need for closure and you like wondering ‘What if?

’ I’m going to say something that some of you will not want to hear: With men that don’t know their arses from their elbow, who blow hot and cold, and who won’t commit to either being with you or not being with, you have to toughen up.

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