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He may not be able to talk about wine with the wine snobs but you may be a woman that doesn’t like wine, I certainly am one although I do enjoy some good champagne.A professional blue-collar guy may not be a bad deal for many woman.Granted, for the most part, folks do well by staying in their lanes, so to speak.He’s decided to date women he believes will date and accept him, “broke” and all—and acceptance is a big part of a healthy loving relationship.When my best friend’s Mercedes broke down one day the guy who came out to fix it was in a Mercedes that he owned, he told her ‘we work for the company so we own the our product so we can show people we stand behind it’.That ain’t bad for a mechanic and he probably made a very good living.

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No he may not be as cultured as other men, you may not have a jet-set life style but let me be truthful most women married to men with degrees have none of that either.What I am saying is that there are many men out there that are good men, not all of them have been to Harvard.I don’t think it’s lowering your standards if you marry a man with a good paying job/business that can take care you, provide you with a home, nice car, you probably won’t have to work or just work for his company, nice vacations, and security minus a degree along with loving you and your family to death. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like we all don’t want that ride or die mate.But perhaps, if you are running into women who aren’t interested in dating you due to your financial status, maybe you should work on becoming a bit more stable in that department.

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