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The lawsuit alleges that by entering a commercial relationship with the Eritrean government, Nevsun "aided, abetted, contributed to and became an accomplice to the use of forced labor, crimes against humanity and other human rights abuses at the Bisha mine."...[Also refers to Segen Construction] Read the full post here Author: Centre canadien pour la justice internationale (CCJI) Trois hommes d'origine érythréenne ont intenté aujourd'hui devant un tribunal à Vancouver une poursuite au civil contre Nevsun Resources...dénonçant la main d'œuvre servile à laquelle la compagnie minière avait recours pour la construction de la mine de Bisha en Érythrée.

Nevsun, a Canadian mining company, hired Segen Construction, a company that is purportedly linked to Eritrean’s ruling party, to carry out construction work at the gold mine.Yap added: “There’s certainly some hope…that this is going to…effect some kind of change, whether it involves Nevsun correcting its practices or maybe the regime…correcting its practices and saying we’re not going to use forced labour.” Nevsun has not responded to enquiries about the case, but has issued a statement denying the claims.] Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre case profile of lawsuit filed in Canada against Nevsun Resources.The plaintiffs claim that the company was complicit in the use of forced labour by Nevsun’s local sub-contractor at the Bisha mine in Eritrea.We are committed to ensuring that the Bisha Mine is managed in a safe and responsible manner that respects the interests of the local communities, workers, national governance, stakeholders, and the natural environment.”…Read the full post here Author: Michael Gunn & Firat Kayakiran, Bloomberg Nevsun Resources Ltd.

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